Masyana Beach Party Craze

Business is a game about new adventures Masjani. Together with his friends, she went to Hawaii, but along the way lost all luggage along with tickets and documents. Help Masyanya return home. To do this, you need to build your own spa business - to open a cocktail bar and a gift shop, to attract maximum number of customers, and turn an ordinary resort in an empire of entertainment. Masyanya come to the aid of loyal friends - well-known for multserialu Hryundel and Shaggy. They will do all the odd jobs: will remove sunbeds and smash drinks. The time saved can be spent on more serious matters: buy a new batch of goods or work improvement outbuildings. Do not forget the fun mini-games, plenty of them here. Go in search of hidden objects, try yourself in the role of the photographer and cook. Those who cope with the tasks on time, get a bonus star. A record holders will get major awards - the championship trophies or medals with Masyanya.